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Common questions (also please see our  FAQs by clicking here)

Who can become a fundraiser in the All4One Alliance Fundraising Campaign?

Any is eligible to participate as a fundraiser. Raise money for women in your community or for women across the country. You decide. If you become a fundraiser under a store or boutique in your community your funds will directly support women in your community. If you create a page under a program or under the All4One Alliance general fund, you will support women across the country.

How do I know if my donation is tax deductible?

The Cancer Resource Foundation, Inc is a national nonprofit registered in all 50 states. The All4One Alliance is a project of the Cancer Resource Foundation, Ins. Tax ID # 26-4303592.

Do I have to raise a minimum amount of money to participate?

No.  There is no set-up fee to participate. You enroll through a simple online registration form and all the funds you raise will be directly deposited into the Cancer Resource Foundation, Inc/All4One Alliance bank account.

How much of my Donation will go to the program?

100% of your donation and the donations that are credited to your fundraiser page (minus the transaction fee) will be directed to the All4One Assistance Programs, helping women who apply for the programs.

Transaction Fees: 

-Visa, MasterCard, & Discover:  

 A low credit/debit card transaction fee of 2.85% for MasterCard/VISA/Discover will apply to all donations.

-Echecks are at a flat rate of 1.85%

I've submitted my registration form, what happens next?

1. Application Sent: Your application has been forwarded to the All4One Alliance Program Director for review.

2. Once your fundraiser page is activated on the All4One Alliance fundraiser website, you will receive notification and instructions on how to customize your profile page including uploading a video, sharing your store or business description. Listing the name(s) of certified mastectomy fitters in your description will help people locate your store or boutique. 

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