Technical and Profile FAQs: 

How can I register to become a fundraiser on the All4One Alliance Fundraiser website? Click here for registration (you will be redirected to the All4One Alliance Fundraiser Page). 

I've submitted my registration form, what happens next?

1. Application Sent: Your application has been forwarded to Click & Pledge and merchant bank TransFirst for review.

2. All4One Alliance fundraiser website activation: Your profile page will be uploaded on the All4One Alliance Fundraiser website. You will receive notification and instructions on how to customize your profile page including uploading a video, sharing your information about your business and highlighting the areas of importance to your fundraiser campaign. 

How do I setup my profile page?

Click here for instructions

I need help editing my profile page. Who do I contact? 

Contact the Click and Pledge team HERE.


I have set up my profile but don’t see it on the site. Did I do something wrong? 

The reason a fundraiser page will not show up is because the keywords and tags have not been set up correctly. Each keyword must be separated with a semicolon. If they are not separated with a semicolon then the system will not recognize the keyword and the organization will not show up in the search engine. For your tags to be set up correctly you must highlight the appropriate tag(s) in the left box and click the right arrow to push the tag over to the right box. See figure 7 for keywords and tags:


Can I change the contact info on my profile page?

Yes. Go to  Login to the Click & Pledge account. Click on Account Info (upper right hand corner). On the default page change any contact information on the page by clicking on "Edit," make your change and click on "Update."


Can I add a contact to the profile? 

Yes you can. Please so instructions on how to do so here.


Can I change the name of my Company on my profile page? 

Go to and log in using the same email and password as you do for all4onealliance GiveBig.

Then click “Account Info” in the top right corner. You can edit your organization name there and it should also alter your profile name.


Can I customize the receipts that my donors receive?

Yes- see figure 11 on the Instruction.


What is a personal fundraising page and how does it work?

Please click here for more information about personal fundraising pages. 

For more detail on Click & Pledge Security, click here.


I have more questions, who can I contact?

For technical support click here.

For other support please email
or call 508-630-2242.

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